Graphite Insulation Board (Long Fiber)
Processed temp. 2200℃



Graphite Insulation board (Long Fiber)

1. Introduction
The rigid graphite board are shaped insulating materials made by graphitization after forming
long fiber into the customers’ requested shape, such as plate, cylinder, etc.
Through our special 2200 degree C process, it is with low density, low ash, strong enough as
the ideal insulation materials for vacuum furnace, inert gas furnace, mono/poly silicon furnace,
sapphire furnace, etc. 

2. Applications
- Vacuum furnace insulation
- Inert gas furnace insulation
- Polysilicon, Monocrystalline silicon furnace insulation
- Sapphire growth furnace

3. Characteristics
- Long fiber, better insulation, longer life.
- High-temperature stability
- low specific heat, efficient heating and cooling of hot zone.
- Process temp 2200℃, no outgassing, no shrink.
- Low thermal conductivity.
- Smooth surface, without dropped fiber, not to pollute hot zone environment.
- Easy machining & handling, low ash,.
- Not to stab hands, not to stimulate skin, harmless for operators.

4. Shape & Standard dimension
- Plate 1500*1250*30/40/50mm
- Cylinder according to customers’requests.


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