Customized CFC: CFC profile, fan, bolt&nut, heater, charging tray, mould, crucible


CFC products are available as per customers’requests.

CFC( Carbon Fiber composited) C/C(Carbon-Carbon) CFRC(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon)

1. Introduction
- Three dimensional composited(3D) CFC, is processed by vapor deposition, and mainly are
used as cylinder, charging trays, fasteners, etc.
- Two dimensional composited(2D) CFC, is processed through impregnation of resin and high
temperature. Besides flat sheets, it can be formed into the U angle, L angle, and other
complex angled shape. And they are mainly used as the protection material for the surfaces
and ends of shaped insulation materials.

2. Type and Code
GT-0301: 3D CFC sheet/plate
GT-0302: 2D CFC sheet/plate
GT-0303: CFC U profile
GT-0304: CFC L angle
GT-0305: CFC H profile
GT-0306: CFC Nuts
GT-0307: CFC Bolts
GT-0308: CFC tube/rod
GT-0309: CFC cylinder
GT-0310: CFC Guide Cylinder
GT-0311: CFC Heater
GT-0312: CFC Crucible


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